Aktus Global Management Inc. (AGM) is a SEC-registered professional services firm geared toward providing business and industry-specific solutions. Through our innovative and creative IT solutions, we are able to cater our services to small, medium, and large enterprises in various industries. 

It has been operated since 2008 and continuously providing innovative and disruptive technological products and services to one of our major business partners, Sison, Corillo, and Co., one of the top accounting, auditing and consultancy firms in the Philippines.

AGM offers accounting, payroll and tax systems which are created by all Filipino IT and accounting professionals in the Philippines to cater the needs of both accounting and non-accounting users, tax preparer and taxpayers, for easy and convenient way of financial reporting and government compliance.


To create extraordinary and heroic professional by providing disruptive and exceptional business solutions, products and services.


Makes the Philippines become Better: 

By providing disruptively exceptional Filipino Tools (IT Products and Services) for efficient and effective financial reporting, easy and convenient way of tax compliance other government requirements.

Simplified and improved tax system by providing tools that can be easily used and understood by tax preparer and taxpayer.

Professionals to become extraordinary and heroic by using disruptive and exceptional products and services which will increase their adherence to professional values and competences.

Growing companies in the Philippines to develop effective business plans and strategies by using innovative technologies tools.



In everything we do:

We believe in challenging the status quo.

We believe that every professional has the potential to grow progress and prosper and become extraordinary and heroic. 

We believe in loving and serving our country.

 We believe that compliance comes from making complex process into simple and easy to understand ways.

By providing disruptive and exceptional innovative business IT solutions, products and services we will be able to achieve a sustainable growth, both professionally and economically.


Find Us : 

Ortigas Operation Office | Leyte Operation Office


Ortigas Operation Office

2005B 20th Floor West Tower Philippine Stock Exchange Bldg. Exchange Road Ortigas Pasig City, Metro Manila Philippines 

Leyte Operation Office

Brgy. St. Michael Palo, Leyte Philippines